Healthcare Consulting

We work with our clients to design and implement cost saving operational and sales strategies, while focusing on the primary aim of patients satisfaction

Sigma Consult is a management & healthcare consulting firm that offers cutting edge consulting services to healthcare organizations in Nigeria.   Our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on improving operations and patients satisfaction using cost cutting techniques.

With Major focus on increased sales & reduced operational cost, Sigma has worked with several organizations in helping them achieve their set goals through

  • Diagnosis and assessment of current  structure of your sales force
  • We create customized solutions that leverages our building block sales training curriculum
  • Creating sustained growth strategies for developed and emerging markets to gain market leadership
  • Developing cost-effective and efficient business models.
  • Adapting go-to-market strategies to address dramatic shifts in the customer landscape.
  • Designing the organization to achieve unprecedented performance.Improving product and service innovation.
  • Harnessing  IT  &  social media to lower costs, stay ahead of the innovation curve and enhance quality of care.

Sales Strategy 

Our sales effectiveness  strategy provides a versatile approach with each part, Define, Develop, Drive, being implemented separately or together for a complete solution. Given the current state of the healthcare industry in Nigeria,  the market is growing and there is urgent need for new key players while the existing players need to optimize their potential. We can help you with one piece at a time, based on your biggest opportunity for sales lift and what needs attention first?

  • Lead generation?
  • Consistent selling process?
  • Opportunity management?
  • On-boarding?
  • Account development?
  • General selling dialogue skills?
  • Advanced insight creation and delivery?

Other core areas of expertise

Medical Equipment Sales & Services : We offer sales and services of medical equipment with massive discounts from trusted and known world manufacturers.

Medical Communication & PR : We’ve developed over 97 websites, apps,social media campaign for healthcare organizations. We help our clients develop the right word for the right audience using the right medium

Healthcare Recruitment Services : Our recruitment experts ensure that we get the right  personnel for the right job. We work with you from selection to interview and staff development stages.

Whatever it is, Sigma Consult can help your organization / sales force become more efficient and get the results you want. We bring all of this together by customizing your solution to the deepest levels in the industry for maximum relevance to your core medical practice. For more information, please contact us today.