How to Grow Your Business Doing Live Events

Many businesses organize the live events in an effort to increase brand awareness, market products or services, establish credibility and get to speak to the movers and shakers in their industry. Plus, they give you a perfect opportunity to interact with potential customers and gather useful information and feedback related to your company. Here are a few things to consider with live events:

Host a webinar

Hosting a webinar based on the topic that interests your target audience is certain to attract a large audience, which can easily reach into the thousands. As the host of the webinar, you have the option to make it entirely free to watch or charge a one-time fee. But, if you are looking to significantly expand your reach, the option of a free event is much more appealing and will get a lot more people signing up to watch. Also, a recording of the webinar should be kept and published on your website to help bring in the long-term traffic.

Create a joint venture

A joint venture with other complementary businesses is certain to have plenty of benefits when it comes to organizing the live events. This not only helps to increase the panel of experts that are prepared to give a speech, but with the help of others, you will have less work. Plus, it is possible to attract the largest audience because it will be possible to market the event to each person’s contact or marketing list.

Collect information

For every event held, it is worth collecting the contact details of the audience members. Most people signing up for an event will be willing to provide their email and first name for a webinar. But, try to make the sign-up process as straightforward as possible to increase the likelihood of receiving the requested information. Once the email has been gathered, it can be used to send helpful information to your target audience, as well as to market your services and products. Also, for the events help in front of an audience, it can be beneficial to hand out questionnaires or feedback forms to gather more relevant information about your business.

Live demonstrations

Live events are a great place to fully demonstrate the type of services or products sold by your business. You can use this time to clearly show how a particular service you offer has the ability to solve a problem that is likely to directly impact your audience members. Any event that shows actual demonstrations and uses case studies will get the interest of the audience and hopefully increase the ability to gain new customers.

Expand credibility

Whether you plan to host a live webinar or in-person event, you can help to expand your credibility in the industry by interviewing customers, former clients, or other experts. If you are able to show your expertise in a specific area that interests the potential customers, they will more likely trust the services or products you offer and buy from your business.

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