Top 5 strategies to increase visitor’s conversion on your website

Most businesses encounter challenges converting their visitors to sales. while some make drastic improvement by using the following five proven strategies described below to quickly increase the conversion rate.

I like to compare these strategies to the answer to an experience we’ve all had at some point in our lives: a dreadful experience with a bad salesperson.

No matter how amazing the product was, or even how ready we were to buy, that bad salesperson ruined his or her company’s chance with us forever. And here’s the thing: With so many people preferring to shop online these days, salespeople are quickly being replaced by websites.



Just as can happen with an unskilled salesperson, a non-optimized website can ruin its owner’s chance of making a sale.

If you own an online business, however, there is good news: An online business is exactly where a perfected pitch should be standardized, because every prospect who visits the website gets the exact same pitch. And if, as owner, you improve a sales page once, it is then improved for every subsequent visitor.

Imagine yourself as a salesperson during your best day on the job: Energy is high. Your mind is sharp. You’re on your game. Everyone you pitch buys without blinking an eye. Now, think how amazing your results would be if you could copy and paste that singular performance every day for every prospect you talk to. That is the power of a web page optimized for conversion.

Are you ready to build your ultimate online sales machine? Here are five tactics you can use to do that, to significantly increase conversion.

  1. Build trust and display recent sales/milestone on your homepage.
  2. Install a live chat plugin  for prompt query resolution
  3. Add a few press logos for that quick boost in conversion.
  4. Have your customers sell for you, with testimonial screenshots.
  5. Use a limited time offer with a countdown timer.

Final thoughts
Making small tweaks to your website can often result in big conversion gains. When your website converts better, you can capitalize on the traffic already being driven to your site and scale your business much faster than before. The above five tactics have been proven to work for others, and they offer a high potential upside with little risk

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